National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH)

Register interestThis programme is designed to enable participants to increase their confidence and capability in the core skills and responsibilities of an effective school leader.

The course will empower participants to develop a strong network to support them as Headteachers. Participants will be assessed through a written assignment to ensure they have reached the qualification requirements, plus a viva interview to assess them against the more challenging Ambition bar.

The programme comprises a series of training sessions, along with pre and post reading, a nine-day school placement and an in-school impact project.

The training sessions will include the following six core areas:

  • Leadership skills for Headteachers
  • School self-evaluation and school improvement planning
  • School culture and vision
  • Operational management of school including finance and HR
  • Teaching, learning and curriculum
  • Pastoral leadership

The project element of this course is in two parts; delegates must:

  1. Lead a change programme at wholeschool level, lasting at least two terms, to improve pupil progress and attainment.
  2. Undertake a placement in a contrasting school (for example, by performance, pupil profile, geography) lasting at least nine working days.

This programme is ideal for:

• Deputy Heads who are aspiring to Headship

• Deputy and Associate Headteachers and

• Assistant Heads whose role is commensurate to that of a Deputy Head

Duration and location:

This programme is usually delivered over 6 full-day sessions over a 12-18 month period, from a central location.


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