TKAT Beyond Best Practice

This course is designed to allow effective teachers to further develop the key aspects of the very best classroom practice for successful learning.

The areas of learning can be applied to all subjects and school pedagogical models.

Delegates will develop the skills and knowledge needed for effective research and carry out their own classroom-based research project.

This course will cover:

The Expert Teacher

  • The key elements of best practice
  • The impact of highly effective teaching
  • An introduction to conducting classroom-based research and setting effective research questions

Trust and Mutual Endeavour

  • The importance of learning relationships in the classroom
  • The concept of ‘learned helplessness’ and how this may impact on learning
  • Strategies for building resilience in teachers and learners to strengthen learning relationships

Mastering the Learning Process

  • Strategies to help students master the learning process including metacognition and self-regulation, including current evidence-based guidance on developing metacognition in learners

Teachers as Master Learners & Developing Learning Partnerships

  • How teachers and students respond to assessment
  • Moving learning forward
  • Activating students as instructional resources using feedback and assessment

Using evidence to inform practice

  • Using evidence-based research to inform practice
  • Evaluating current evidence and research in order to make decisions about pedagogy

Pushing the boundaries, exploring the opportunities

  • Developing ideas about classroom-based research to support teachers with their projects

What Lies Beyond

  • Sharing research findings of the group; conditions of successful strategies
  • Action-planning: the next steps for continued learning and development

This programme is ideal for:

Teachers who are best practitioners and who wish to explore new areas of research or support others in developing their teaching expertise

Duration and location:

This programme can be delivered over 1 full day and 6 x 2.5 hour sessions, or 8 x 2.5 hour sessions over 3 terms at your school or a regional location

“I’ve been buzzing since the first session! I thought I could only progress by going into leadership, but now I see I can stay in the classroom and have a big impact through research.” Previous Participant

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