NQT Mentor Training

This TKAT programme is designed to build confidence and skills for teachers to become effective NQT mentors and strengthen the support and development of NQTs.

The course consists of training sessions and network meetings where mentors can work together to improve their practice.

Sessions include content on:

  • Observing and giving feedback for maximum impact
  • Effective target setting against teacher standards
  • Developing NQTs through joint practice development
  • Structuring and leading NQT mentor meetings

During network meetings there are opportunities to share best practice in relation to evidence bundles and NQT report writing.

Network meeting topics are developed to suit the needs of the delegates and can include:

  • Moderation of assessment
  • CPD opportunities for NQTs
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Supporting NQTs as they progress to RQTs

This programme is ideal for:

NQT mentors who want to develop their confidence or skills or those about to take on an NQT mentor role.

Duration and location:

This programme is usually delivered in 1 x half-day and 2 x 2-hour sessions across the school year from either your Academy or a regional location.

“Fantastic training, I am now very clear of the requirements and have a much greater understanding of the mentor role.” Previous Participant

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