Maximising the Practice of Teaching Assistants

This school-based training is delivered in two courses; one for TAs and one for teachers. The course is designed to help TAs improve the quality of the support they provide for pupils.

The teacher training aspect of the course is designed to supplement the TA training and provides guidance for teachers in how to release the potential within the TAs in their classroom or deliver interventions for them.

The content, duration and pattern of delivery of this course is flexible and can be adapted to meet the needs of individual staff, but will include:

  • The latest research and guidance on the complementary roles of the teacher and TA
  • Introduction to ‘scaffolding’ as an effective framework for developing pupil independence
  • Opportunities to reflect on current practice
  • How to make effective contributions to assessment for learning
  • Planning to make changes to practice

Additional areas which can be covered in the follow-up sessions are:

  • Effective delivery of intervention sessions
  • TAs role in supporting collaborative group work

This programme is ideal for:

Teachers and TAs at all key stages

Duration and location:

Usually delivered as a whole-day session, with optional follow-up half-day sessions at your Academy or regional location. 

As this is an externally-accredited programme, there is a charge for this course. Please contact the TSA for more information.

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