Advanced Pedagogy Network Meetings

Our Advanced Pedagogy Network Meetings focus on themes and ideas of how to lead learning.

In particular, we explore:

  • Pedagogical models; how to introduce, develop, embed and sustain
  • How to create a culture of learning and thinking
  • The leadership of whole-school teaching and learning and pedagogy
  • How to effectively evaluate teaching and learning and pedagogical models
  • How to implement and manage change
  • New, evidence-based ideas to impact on teaching and learning or leadership

The meetings will be built around the needs of attendees and be a forum for sharing and reflecting effective practice.

Advanced pedagogy meetings will be led by your regional TSA lead. This presents the opportunity to build learning around regional priorities and allow for easier collaborative working across your regional hub.

These meetings are ideal for:

Leaders of teaching and learning

Duration and location:

6 x 3-hour sessions at various locations

“I was inspired within minutes of this session starting” Previous Participant

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