TKAT Executive Leaders Programme

Opportunities exist within the Trust for those experienced Headteachers who may be considering Executive Headship. The Executive Leaders programme provides participants with a combination of workshop sessions, school visits and an allocated mentor, who is typically an existing Executive Headteacher or a Regional Executive Director (RED).

Those interested in this course need to have a track record of sustained and successful Headship and are able to demonstrate security in their home school. Following a self-nomination to their TKAT RED suitability for the programme will be assessed.

The course consists of:

Day 1: Following an introductory workshop, participants address a range of key topics including creating a vision across more than one school and a range of accountabilities as well as preparation for their first school visit.

School Visit 1: Before the first visit a mentor is allocated to prepare participants for the visit focus which is centred around the kinds of activities that a newly appointed Executive Headteacher would be expected to undertake. Following the school visit an action plan is created and submitted in readiness for Day 2.

School Visit 2: Again, participants meet with their mentor before the visit to prepare for the visit focus which is based on exploring approaches to building teams across your schools. Following the school visit another action plan is created and submitted where participants factor in a hypothetical ‘other’ school alongside their home school. 

Day 2: Looks at the practical and logistical elements of the role as well as offering sessions on developing the culture of both schools or achieving cultural alignment and planning for incremental success.

Following the completion of Day 2 participants submit their presentation/ course task which enables participants to evidence their readiness for Executive Headship.

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