TKAT Aspiring Leaders

This course focuses on both the practicalities and theories of leadership, whilst working collaboratively with others. The sessions are designed around the skills and qualities essential for a middle leadership role. Each session includes a guided learning walk in a local school.

Session 1: What makes an effective leader?

This session identifies the key skills and characteristics of effective leaders and leadership. It considers different personality traits and how relationships with colleagues may change when taking on a middle leadership role.

Session 2: Developing a vision

This session will look at how to develop a clear vision for an area of responsibility and how to communicate this vision effectively. This session also includes a brief introduction to Lesson Study.

Session 3: Making an impact on Teaching & Learning

This session will look at how to effectively monitor an area of responsibility, including the use of data in order to improve teaching and learning. There is also a focus on communication, including how to manage difficult conversations.

Session 4: Changes to the educational climate

This session will help participants understand how changes affect education locally and nationally. It aims to support participants in managing change and how to develop a culture where change is embraced. The session also includes an overview of how different leadership styles can be used in different contexts.

Session 5: Moving forward

This session supports middle leaders to develop a strategic plan for their area of responsibility. It draws together learning from sessions 1- 4 to create an action plan to be further developed in school.

This programme is ideal for:

Teachers considering a future leadership role, or with newly delegated leadership responsibilities

Duration and location:

Usually delivered over 5 x 2.5-hour sessions at your Academy or regional location

“This course has given me the knowledge and confidence I needed to pursue a leadership role” Previous Participant

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