Headteacher Induction Programme

On appointment to a Headship post within TKAT Leaders undertake an induction programme that is tailored to meet individual needs. Whether you are new to Headship or to TKAT Leadership the programme provides each participant with extensive leadership support as well as the development of professional core knowledge.

Whilst the individual programme undertaken will be dependent on experience, there is an expectation that mandatory sessions on all areas of compliance are completed as soon as possible in order to comply with Trust expectations. Mandatory sessions include: TKAT Orientation, TKAT Finance, Buildings and Estates Management and HR Induction.

Induction links to the four domains that sit within the National Standards of Excellence for Headteachers:

  • Qualities and knowledge
  • Pupils and staff
  • Systems and process
  • The self-improving school system

Qualities and knowledge: a one-to-one audit of skills and leadership analysis identifies your unique professional learning needs and enables a bespoke programme of development to be created that moves your professional understanding on quickly so that you are best able to meet the demands of your new role.

Pupils and staff: opportunities are provided for you to meet/ speak with successful practitioners/ leaders in a phase or sector that you know least about so that you are able to fill any gaps in your knowledge. Similarly, your own identified areas of expertise will provide a source of information for your colleagues within the Trust and arrangements will be made for you to develop the professional understanding of others.

Systems and process: Leaders are provided with full training and support in all areas of compliance, but especially in financial management. Sessions will cover both short-term budgeting and procurement as well as advice and guidance on long term financial planning.

The self-improving school system: a range of opportunities are given to Headteachers so that a network of effective relationships with fellow professionals can be developed. By working collaboratively with colleagues TKAT Headteachers are able to lead the outward facing schools whose work contributes to the wider body of professional knowledge that exists across the Trust.

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