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This programme enables middle leaders from primary and secondary schools to work together to enhance their leadership skills, creating a tier of middle leaders in schools that are inspirational, innovative and imaginative.

Session 1: Leadership vs Management

This session identifies the difference between leadership and management and aims to uncover what makes an effective leader. Participants will reflect on their current leadership experience and identify key strengths and areas for further development.

Session 2: Leading a Team

This session identifies what makes an effective team. It aims to support participants with building positive working relationships and develops an understanding of leadership skills and tools needed to lead diverse groups of people. The session also includes a focus on how to manage change

Session 3: The Power of Coaching

This session introduces participants to the power of coaching and how it can be used to support colleagues within their teams. The STRIDE model of coaching is explored and participants will have an opportunity to practice coaching skills.

Session 4: Teaching & Learning

This session will support participants in understanding the elements of effective teaching and learning and the role of the middle leader in school improvement. During the session participants will also understand and practice the skills needed to manage difficult conversations and how to hold others to account

Session 5: Continuous Improvement

This session supports middle leaders in understanding the importance of vision and how to communicate this. It identifies the key components of successful change and how middle leaders can manage change within their teams

Session 6: Mapping the Future

This session aims to inspire participants and support them to understand the importance of middle leadership within the school structure. It draws together the learning from sessions 1-5 to develop an effective strategic plan around a clear area of focus, which can be used in the classroom.

This programme is ideal for:

Middle Leaders from primary and secondary schools

Duration and location:

This programme is usually delivered over 6 x 2.5 hour sessions from your school or a regional location

Here’s what a previous participant said:

“This course helped me see the power of effective leadership and communication, and the correlation between middle leadership and school improvement”

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