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This TKAT programme is designed to enable senior leadership teams, and individuals within them, to develop the use of coaching skills to enhance their senior leaders' toolkit. Coaching can be effectively used to develop positive professional relationships and increase performance and levels of accountability through effective line management and whole-school leadership.


The content of this programme can be adapted to meet the needs of individual leaders, team areas for development and the school's context. The programme covers the following aspects of coaching, however additional modules can be created:

  • Differences between coaching and mentoring
  • Up skill in active listening and deep questioning
  • How to ensure commitment to planned actions from colleagues
  • Using coaching principles to secure improved performance and increased levels of accountability across the school
  • Use of STRIDE model for more effective line management
  • Effective use of skills/motivation matrix to develop individuals within teams
  • Identifying team dysfunctions and building high-performing teams
  • Strategies for holding difficult conversations


This programme will develop the leadership skills of the senior leadership team, by developing and enhancing coaching strategies that can enhance professional relationship, improve performance and increase levels of accountability for all

'This course provided a fantastic opportunity to share experiences and identify mutual challenges within our leadership roles. Along with excellent materials, these sessions proved invaluable to my development, and highlighted areas that I had not considered before'- Senior Leader, Thomas Bennett Community College


This programme can be commissioned by a single school to work with the senior leadership team. Alternatively, if schools across a region have a number of new or inexperienced senior leaders a cohort could be created as part of their training and induction into senior leadership.


This programme is usually delivered over 3-4 x 2 hour sessions, depending on the amount of practical coaching activity that is required. The delivery model can be adapted to suit the schools needs


The commissioning school, or a regional venue


This programme is free, except for travel expenses of the facilitator.

For more information about this programme, please contact:
Rachel Tizard, Group Director of Learning, rachel.tizard@tkat-org

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