Coaching Modules

The aim of TKAT coaching modules is to build on the Principles of Coaching Programme to ensure ongoing professional coaching development.

This page shows a range of pre-set modules to choose from, although customised sessions can be tailored to suit specific requirements for your school upon request.

As an organisational member of the EMCC, delegates can also be assessed and accredited as EIA Coaches.  This is dependant on experience in coaching and/or mentoring - this will be discussed with each enquiry.



This module is aimed at helping leaders develop and measure impact across the school, as well as coach staff at different levels.  The module covers:

  • Planning whole school coaching 
  • Secure improved performance and increased levels of accountability
  • Analyse the impact of the current coaching culture



This module is designed to refresh skills in previously trained coaches who may not have been actively coaching for a period of time.  The module includes:

  • Effective listening and communication
  • Identifying what makes a good question
  • Managing the contract with the coachee
  • Understanding the role of the coach



TKAT offer 2 network days over the year to give coaches the opportunity to: 

  • Continue their professional coaching skills
  • Share best practice 
  • Receive external group supervision to support their own self-reflection and wellbeing

EMCC accredited coaches are expected to attend these network days; in doing so it will contribute towards assessment for the next coaching level.



This module is aimed at training schools in the RISE incremental coaching method.  It aims to help teachers to become more reflective and research driven in their practice.  RISE is a regular, short coaching intervention, based around observations of small sections of a lesson that is being developed.  

This method is used by TKAT Lead Practitioners when working with teachers across the trust.


All of our modules are bespoke, and can be delivered for groups of at least 6 people.

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