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Avril Crane

Avril CraneAvril Crane

'support and guidance was really helpful'

'advice and ideas much appreciated which enabled us to move forward'- Testimonials


Avril is currently the Director of Learning at Welling School with the responsibility for students with Additional Educational Needs.  Avril has led the Learning Support Faculty for 11 years and has made a significant contribution to supporting students with special educational needs.  Avril is a member of the Senior Leadership Team and has built strong links with the Governing Body to support the vision of the School.  She is committed to inclusive practice and working with teachers to enable students to fulfil their full potential.  Avril has been involved in training overseas including Asia and Africa.  Avril has been involved in training and outreach for most of her career.

Areas of expertise:

  • Leading whole school training for Special Education Needs
  • Working with all subject staff to ensure effective deployment of support staff
  • Assessing areas of need and advising on appropriate action plans
  • Inclusion of highly vulnerable children
  • 2nd in charge of Safeguarding team
  • Designated Teacher for Looked After Children

Recent deployment/outreach work:

Avril has supported schools in her Local TKAT Region in fulfilling the required SEN requirements and implementing the new Code of Practice.  She has worked with schools in other regions to review their current practice, reflecting on staff deployment and monitoring impact of support on students progress.  Avril has facilitated training to meet the needs and demands of the new Code of Practice and has shared training programmes with schools in the local regions.

Currently involved in:

  • Leading whole school training for Special Education Needs
  • Providing evidence for effective deployment of support staff and the impact on student progress
  • Co-ordinating area SENCO training and developing links with primary schools


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