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TL Fellows is Teaching Leaders’ flagship programme. It will empower participants to have even greater impact on the lives of their students. It is for ‘high potential’ middle leaders and involves a two year programme of professional learning, development and coaching.

Summer Residential:

The TL Fellows programme starts with a one-week residential at the end of August.  The Summer Residential brings together the Fellows national cohort, Leadership Coaches and Teaching Leaders team to meet, network and build relationships that will last through the TL Fellows programme and beyond.

'The staff from my school who have taken part in the Teaching Leaders Fellows programme have found it excellent. They have enjoyed learning alongside a network of like-minded and similarly placed individuals. They report the training to be extremely beneficial. The impact on the school goes beyond their own professional development, to the teams they lead and the pupils they serve. I would recommend the programme to others as a way to support professional development within a long term, rigorous, and practical framework'. - Max Haimendorf, Headteacher,
King Solomon Academy, London

The Impact Initiative: 


Fellows are required to create an Impact Initiative and this is the main focus of the TL Fellows programme. Each Fellow commits to a project with the aim of raising standards, grades, and life chances of the pupils in the Fellow’s area of responsibility. This ensures the skills and concepts, which they acquire on the programme, are put into practice – with measurable outcomes.



Each Fellow has their own Leadership Coach who oversees their development over the two years on the programme.  Coaches ensure each Fellow’s Impact Initiative is being carried out to maximum effect. Teaching Leaders Leadership Coaches are all experienced or serving, heads or deputies with a proven track record of achieving impact in schools in challenging contexts.

Formal training and our curriculum: 

Formal training is delivered through a series of Challenge Days, Seminars and JPD sessions:

  • Seminars: These three hour sessions are led by a highly experienced Teaching Leaders facilitator, with built in time for Fellows to practice skills and discuss and debate with one another.
  • Joint Practice Development (JPD) Sessions: After term one, these sessions will be driven by input from our Fellows and will be a practical way of improving their facilitation skills, as well as a valuable knowledge-sharing tool.
  • Challenge Days: These will be full-day inspirational learning events delivered on a Saturday to a whole region.  



TL Fellows is a selective programme open to teachers who are in a middle leadership role. In order to apply for the programme the school and participant would have to meet Teaching Leaders eligibility criteria.


Two years 


A number of delivery hub locations in the south of England including Essex, Kent and London.


The total cost to your school is £2,000 per Fellow per year. The remaining 75% of the course cost is paid for from public and charitable funding. All training apart from the Induction Day takes place outside school hours so there are no cover costs.

For more information about this programme, please visit the Teaching Leaders website.

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