TKAT Teaching School Alliance

Launch of the TKAT Teaching School Alliance Website

Posted on 29th September 2015

TKAT_TSA_CMYKWe are delighted to announce the launch of our new TKAT Teaching School Alliance website.

The TKAT Teaching School Alliance is the professional development centre for TKAT. We provide high-quality training to our Academies in London and the South of England using the expertise that we have developed and strong collaborative partnerships with external organisations with a strong track record.

This site has been created with all of our employees in mind. It is a great tool to support the activities of the TKAT Teaching School Alliance and enhance the professional learning of trainees, teachers, leaders and support staff in our Academies.

We place high value on professional learning and development. Our Teaching School Alliance is an excellent way for us to share what we have learned, and continue to develop and contribute to the wider educational system. 

We hope you find this website a very useful tool that enhances your own learning and development.

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